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Which cheese should I buy in for my business?

Each business is unique and we want to make sure that we provide the best quality product combination for you. If you can’t find your pairing then we would be more than happy to assist, simply drop us a message. If there is one thing we can t get enough of, its cheese!

The kinds of food that the Cheese Pearls cheeses can be paired with are virtually limitless. Soups, salads, snacking, cheese boards, nachos, with fruit – there are so many options. Cheese Pearls really are the next hot topic in the food industry following the rise of the parmesan crisp! Your business and your customers do not want you to miss out on what we have to offer. We firmly believe that getting on board with us now will put you ahead if the competition.


Our edam is an excellent accompaniment to shiraz, chardonnay or champagne because of its low fat content in comparison to other cheeses, giving a cleaner feel on the pallet.

As for salads our Edam we suggest a classic French onion as it cleanses the pallet against the richness of this classic and allows for a soft and delicate fusion.


Being similar to edam, our gouda work particular well with the complex flavour pallet of chardonnay.

While our gouda is also strong contenders for anything with a rich and creamy base they are also perfect for anything with a tomato or pepper base. Having both come from the nightshade family tomatoes and peppers can be quite tangy and gouda is the perfect balance to that.


For a classic cheddar combination we recommend a bordeaux but beers work equally well, particularly IPA and pale ales.

Cheddar is a strong flavour that adds an extra punch to hearty, vegetable soups. It adds a richness that gives a yin and yang to any dish. Keep it as a crunch into the perfect of cold weather comfort food.