From humble beginnings to premium product,Cheese Pearls brings to you a flavour sensation.

At Cheese Pearls we believe in our product but we also believe in yours.

Customers respond to luxury and those little added extras that only companies that care offer. With this in mind we are providing cheddar, edam, and gouda at a top quality, ready for your business to cash in on.

Our unique and flavoursome products have all your business needs to add some sparkle to a menu and give your clients the level of decadence which they deserve.

You may be asking “why choose you Cheese Pearls?”

The answer to that is simple: Because we know the market and your brand deserves our level of quality.

All of our cheeses are all natural, gluten free and free from GMOs. There are no artificial preservatives or trans fats and with 40g of protein in every 100g, our product will help your business cash in on the current (ever growing) lifestyle trends. It will be a success for any gluten free, vegetarian or ketosis dieters. Even without a specific dietary requirement all of our cheeses are an excellent source of calcium and can be richly enjoyed for their unique and tantalising flavour.

We are proud of our product and plan to become the first choice for cheese lovers everywhere.

And with the great taste and diversity of our cheeses we know they’ll be an all round hit.
Having a versatile range is one of our priorities but we wanted to go above and beyond with our product. Because of that we have experimented with textures and come up with the perfect blend of flavour and crunch.

Our crunchy cheese is the perfect accompaniment to soups and salads. It also makes an easy, high protein snack that pairs beautifully with wines, beers and spirits.

More about Cheese Pearls

At Cheese Pearls we know the value of money so not only is our cheese competitively priced but we supply all of our flavours in 1 kilogram bags, with no refrigeration required. That was the flavour and freshness is maintained and you can order exactly what you need.

We currently stock Greece and hope to take our business global. Now is the perfect time to get on board with us as your supplier. This product is ever growing in demand and we believe that you’ll be proud to take this journey with us.

We are incredibly proud of our cheeses and cannot wait for you to try them. An investment in our product is an investment in your businesses product profile. So please do get in touch today if you are in the restaurant, bar, hotel or food service business and stock up on this premium quality product that we are certain will have your food and spirits flying off the shelves.

Cheese Pearls really are the next hot topic in the food industry .Your business and your customers do not want you to miss out on what we have to offer. All you need is to grab a sachet and savour the best tasty crispy crunchy product around.

Cheese Pearls are here to stay. We firmly believe that getting on board with us now will put you ahead of the competition.